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Site Updates!!!!

Sorry for the very extreme lack of posting on here. I was busy getting my other blog organized, updated and uploading photos. But on here recently, I have been uploading photos, adding pages, and organizing everything, so check out the new pages and photos!!! Enjoy!!

Also, I still have tons more to add to this blog, so more will be uploaded, as soon as I can!!! Also note the new background and banner as well, let me know what you think!!!


New Photos added to Ashley Page!!!

Here’s some of the photos added to the Ashley Greene page. I will be uploading more later.

You can find the rest here:

Photos added to Kellan Page!

Here’s a few photos that were added to the Kellan Lutz page.


You can find the rest here:

Photos added to Kristen Page!

Here’s a few photos added to the Kristen Stewart Page.

You can find the rest here:

New photos added to Nikki Reed Page

I created a Nikki Reed Page under photo shoots and have started adding photos here are just a few of them.

To see the rest click the link below or scroll over the photo shoots -duos tab at the top of the page and click on nikki reed, the 2nd tab down.

New Cast Photo Shoots

New cast photo shoots have been added to the cast photoshoots page. You will find the rest of them there.

Magazine Scans

More photos have been added to the magazine scan page.

you can find the rest here:

Twilight Cast Photo Shoot: EW

EW Magazine Scans

You can find the rest of them here:

Older Cast Photoshoot: Cosmo Girl